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Various ‎– It's A Good, Good Feeling (The Latin Soul Of Fania Records: The Singles)


Various ‎– It's A Good, Good Feeling (The Latin Soul Of Fania Records: The Singles)

Double LP
Genre: Latin, Funk / Soul
Style: Boogaloo, Soul
Year: 2021


The 125th Street Candy Store* Silent Heart 2:27
The 125th Street Candy Store* Hey Girl 2:35
Bobby Valentín* Geronimo 3:22
Harvey Averne + 9* Make Out 2:40
Willie Colón Willie Baby 2:45
Bobby Valentín* Love Me So 3:06
Bobby Valentín* Bad Breath 2:47
Joe Bataan Gypsy Woman 2:32
Joe Bataan So Fine 3:07
Harvey Averne And Group Therapy The Micro Mini 2:15
Harvey Averne And Group Therapy The Think Drink "Spiked" 2:46
Joe Bataan Ordinary Guy 3:26
Joe Bataan Too Much Lovin' 2:36
Monguito Santamaria Juicy 3:02
Ray Barretto Mercy, Mercy Baby 2:46
Ray Barretto Soul Drummers 2:40
Joe Bataan Subway Joe 3:02
Joe Bataan Special Girl 2:51
Joe Bataan Magic Rose 4:04
Bobby Valentín* Use It Before You Lose It 3:00
Bobby Valentín* Funky Big Feet 2:38
Larry Harlow Mess Around 2:13
Larry Harlow That Groovy Shingaling 2:12
The Latinaires The Camel Walk 2:50
Bobby Quesada Bataola Boogaloo 3:15
Joe Bataan It's A Good Feeling (Riot) (Part 1) 2:42
Joe Bataan It's A Good Feeling (Riot) (Part 2) 4:25
Ray Barretto A Deeper Shade Of Soul 2:47
Ralph Robles Mercie 3:33
Joe Bataan What Good Is A Castle (Part 1) 3:53
Joe Bataan What Good Is A Castle (Part 2) 3:07
Orchestra Harlow Grazin' In The Grass (Una Miradita De Amor) 3:17
Ray Barretto Hard Hands 2:28
Ray Barretto Love Beads 2:46
The Harvey Averne Dozen Accept Me 2:46
The Harvey Averne Dozen Why Can't We Really Be Free 3:02
Ali Baba (Louie Ramirez)* Ungawa 2:52
Ali Baba (Louie Ramirez)* Cookin' With Ali 3:56
Monguito Santamaria Hey Sister 2:26
Fania All Stars Richie's Bag 3:17
Fania All Stars Red Garter Strut 2:09
Ralph Robles Maybe 3:39
Joe Bataan Sad Girl 2:38
Ray Barretto Together 2:37
Ray Barretto New York Soul 2:45
Ralfi Pagan Who Is The Girl With Me 2:36
El Apollo Sound* Spinning Wheel 2:15
The Harvey Averne Band Come Back Baby 3:07
The Harvey Averne Band Stand 3:38
Ralfi Pagan Don't Stop Now 3:10
Joe Bataan My Opera 4:35
The Harvey Averne Band Lovers 3:09
The Harvey Averne Band Love Never Stays The Same 3:40
Joe Bataan When We Get Married 3:17
Monguito Santamaria Crying Time 2:49
The Harvey Averne Band Let's Get It Together This Christmas 2:31
Ray Barretto Right On 2:44
Ronnie Marks Some Lonely Heart (Vocal) 3:36
Ralfi Pagan Make It With You 4:42
Ralfi Pagan Stray Woman 2:49
Joe Bataan So Young, Too Young 3:23
Joe Bataan I'm Satisfied 3:35
Joe Bataan This Boy 3:02
Joe Bataan Johnny's No Good 3:35
Ralfi Pagan Baby I'm A Want You 2:52
Ralfi Pagan Look At Her 2:59
Joe Bataan Shaft 3:57
Joe Bataan Cry 4:02
Joe Bataan If I Were King 3:56
Ralfi Pagan My Dream 3:22
Ralfi Pagan It's Alright 4:18
Ralfi Pagan Up On The Roof 3:07
Ralfi Pagan The Gambler 3:04
Ralfi Pagan Too Late 3:09
Ralfi Pagan To Say I Love You 4:05
Joe Bataan Latin Soul Square Dance 4:18
Joe Bataan Call Me 4:24
Ralfi Pagan Wonderful Thing 2:32
Butter Scotch Try Just A Little Harder 3:45
Butter Scotch Today 3:10
Ralfi Pagan Didn't Want To Have To Do It 3:08
W.R.L.C. Johnny's No Good 3:23
W.R.L.C. Blonde Latin Blues 4:27
Joe Bataan I'm No Stranger 2:19
Ralfi Pagan Just A Little While 2:39
Ralfi Pagan Loneliest Loneliness 4:30
Ralfi Pagan I Could Never Hurt You Girl 3:20