The first release on Tiki Tumbao Records was back in June 2023 with Tony & The Kings debut single “Piropo / Son Del Barrio.” Label boss Ackdaddy then solicited remixes from producers in Miami, NYC and Washington, DC. This fifth release on Tiki Tumbao are those remixes of “Son Del Barrio”; two remixes made it on to the 7-inch vinyl single, and all four remixes can be found on the digital release.

First up is Will Buck, one of Brooklyn's most versatile DJ/producers. His remix of Son Del Barrio is in the tradition of a classic edit featuring a DJ friendly version with wide open beginning & end plus an epic dub break. You can find Will spinning records at New York’s Jolene Sound Room and managing his label at Off Track Betting.

On the B Side you will find DC's the Empresarios Remix. Led by Javier Miranda’s distinctive conga style, the Empresarios come out strong with a drummed up version of Son Del Barrio led by vocal shouts and heavy psychedelic guitar. This high energy version has plenty of percussion, delivering Empresarios' Tropicaliente sound once again. These two remixes are for dancing & together become a very strong 7- inch single release.

Included with the digital release are two more remixes, providing an even wider range of textures and sounds. Fort Lauderdale lo-fi specialist, tiny.blips, returns to Tiki Tumbao after his "Little Parthenon / Hieroglyph" 7" release on the label a few months ago. His remix of "Son Del Barrio" flips this record in both swing and arrangement in his signature lo-fi, indie groove sound. This unique remix combines downtempo and soul while still maintaining the vibe of the original.

The final remix is by Trace Barfield, former Bedside bandmate with Ackdaddy, who puts that Trace B touch on the track. This remix steps up the tempo with a harder hitting house beat, highly effected horns, and the full array of digital production tricks in a care-free and upbeat Miami dance party, so smile, relax and have some fun with it.

Soul Vaccinators - What's Good / Gator Bait

tiny.blips - Little Parthenon / Hieroglyph

The Swizzlas - Double Dippin / Dippin Deux

Tony & the Kings - Piropo / Son Del Barrio

Welcome to Tiki Tumbao!


My name is Travis Acker and I am the founder of Tiki Tumbao Records. This record label's goal is to record and release the funkiest talent that South Florida has to offer. As a musician, DJ, producer and avid record collector; I have put all of my knowledge and energy into creating an analog studio that captures the grime and grit of the 70s sound. 

With a focus on 7" 45RPM records and YouTube videos, Tiki Tumbao Records is here to continue the tradition of quality analog music in the diverse styles that South Florida has to offer. I want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about this label. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments you may have. Thank you!


Travis Acker