Soul Vaccinators - What's Good / Gator Bait

The Miami-based Soul Vaccinators present their own take on soul-jazz and groove records. Their gritty-analog sound continues the colorful tradition of South Florida soul music with a modern flair and sensibility. Led by guitarist Addison Rifkind and drummer Eddie Garcia Jr., the group originally formed at a monthly residency at The Anderson in North Miami. Addison and Eddie connected instantly on the bandstand with a similar concept for soulful playing. These weekly performances on the club scene created a determination to bring authentic soul music back to Miami. They partnered with Tiki Tumbao to bring it in the form of these vinyl records.

Addison Rifkind is originally from Studio City, CA and is now based in Miami, FL. His unique style is rooted in the blues, soul, and bebop with deep grooves and melodic playing as its emphasis. In addition to the Soul Vaccinators, he is the leader of the guitar trio Fat Produce and funky organ trio The Glades. He is also one of the rotating guitarists for organ groove band and Daptone recording artist Scone Cash Players,

Eddie Garcia Jr. was born and raised in Miami and has performed and recorded with some of South Florida’s most notable bands including Psychic Mirrors, Scone Cash Players and Tony & the Kings. Steady Eddie, which he has been affectionately named in the studio, has a fundamental understanding of roots music including soul, blues, R&B, funk and Latin styles. Eddie lays the foundation for the Soul Vaccinators sound.

Do not miss this once in a lifetime performance as the Soul Vaccinators take the stage to perform their original compositions and instrumental soul favorites. The night also features a live performance by tiny.blips and all vinyl deejay sets by Angelica Rose and Miami Max. Pick up exclusive merchandise from the Soul Vaccinators' debut release, "What's Good / Gator Bait" available on Tiki Tumbao Records. Tickets are $15 in advance and $25 at the door.

tiny.blips - Little Parthenon / Hieroglyph

The Swizzlas - Double Dippin / Dippin Deux

Tony & the Kings - Piropo / Son Del Barrio

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My name is Travis Acker and I am the founder of Tiki Tumbao Records. This record label's goal is to record and release the funkiest talent that South Florida has to offer. As a musician, DJ, producer and avid record collector; I have put all of my knowledge and energy into creating an analog studio that captures the grime and grit of the 70s sound. 

With a focus on 7" 45RPM records and YouTube videos, Tiki Tumbao Records is here to continue the tradition of quality analog music in the diverse styles that South Florida has to offer. I want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about this label. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments you may have. Thank you!


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