tiny.blips - Little Parthenon / Hieroglyph



tiny.blips and Tiki Tumbao have teamed up to bring these amazing songs to the 7" 45RPM vinyl format for the first time. tiny.blips lo-fi R&B sound is informed by his many years as a performing musician, a studio musician and studies in Jazz at the University of Delaware. As a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer there is nothing this man cannot do. "Little Parthenon" and "Hieroglyph" are selections from tiny.blips first album, Humans-Housecats-History, released in 2020. The tiny.blips concept was originally developed as a creative outlet during the pandemic as many touring musicians diverted their efforts towards home studio recordings. "Little Parthenon / Hieroglyph" were recorded in tiny.blips' bedroom using a Tascam 4 track cassette tape recorder. His golden musical sensibility and intuition created this distinctive sound that blends a simple and creative production style with some very textured compositions, a tapestry of percussive and effected sounds.

"Little Parthenon / Hieroglyph" were selected to press on 7" 45RPM for the DJs and collectors. These two tracks present tiny.blips' style in a particularly fun and listenable way, its a vibe!

"Little Parthenon" has a mid-tempo daytime disco energy wrapped in a dreamy lo-fi aesthetic. Simple playful lyrics against sustained Rhodes and funk guitar are in direct conversation with the layered saxophones played by Rob Smiley. The straight ahead hip hop influenced beat and warm production style make this a perfect record for a 45 DJ to throw in the mix.

"Hieroglyph", on the other hand, has a rolling break beat foundation that immediately catches the ear. The introduction of funky rhythmic melodies and a turned around bass-line continue the intrigue until the layers vocal harmonies glue everything back together. So diverse and blended are the influences on this track that it is hard to pin down stylistically. An amazing b-side of a record for sure.

Written / performed / recorded / mixed by tiny.blips

"Little Parthenon" features Rob Smiley on saxaphones

Recorded in tiny.blips' bedroom in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Mastered by Amir Tal