The Swizzlas - Double Dippin / Dippin Deux



Muck Funk! Swamp Groove! These are just a few of the terms listeners have used to describe the Swizzlas sound. "Double Dippin / Dippin Deux", the Swizzlas debut release, is a testament to the groups deep roots in Southern Florida and New Orleans. Upright bass, crunchy guitar, funky drums and perfect percussion; this record is a must have for the funk and jazz collector DJ. Enjoy!

Written and Produced by Travis Acker & Tom Witek

Bass by Tom Witek
Drums by Travis Acker
Guitar by Addison Rifkind
Percussion by Guillermo Andres Ospina

Guest feature on "Dippin Deux": organ by Jim Wuest

Recorded at West Bird Studio in Miami, FL
Mixed by Travis Acker & Tom Witek
Mastered by Jason "Jocko" Randall